1. nonconforming, unconventional, original, unique; informal, Inf. hippie, Bohemian; unorthodox, sectarian, secular, heretic, heretical, misbelieving, iconoclastic, atheistic.
2. disobediant, insubordinate, nonsubmissive; unruly, wanton, ungovernable, obstinate; resistive, revolting, insurgent, rebellious; mutinous, seditious, treasonous.
3. dissenting, dissident, nonassenting, nonconcur-ring, noncooperating, nonagreeing, disagreeing, differing; disaffected, protesting, objecting, remonstrating, challenging, rejective.
4. nonobservant, unobservant, disregardful; defaulting, evasive, elusive, nonproducing.

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